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About Lincoln Private Jets.

Lincoln Private Jets was launched in 2020 and has skyrocketed to become a powerhouse in the private aviation charter and aircraft sales market. What is the reason behind the extraordinary success? The simple fact is that the entire organization is dedicated to your optimal experience. The Lincoln Difference is born from experience, teamwork, and providing the highest level of service in the private jet industry.

Aviation Advisors tailor every flight program to suit the highest expectations of the most discerning elite travelers.
We love to prove our unparalleled value on every flight!

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Our Global Fleet

Our global floating fleet has the highest safety and quality ratings in the business to meet your expectations and our crews are 2nd to none.


Global Clients worldwide

Our clients are the reason for our success. Client satisfaction is our mission an we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards.


Years of combined experience

Our team of aviation experts come from every facet of the business. engineering, sales, operations, and customer support.

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Our story/

The story of how our company was founded.

At the heart of Lincoln Private Jets, our Founder, Barry S. Cohen, stands as an inspiring figure. His lifelong commitment to delivering "white glove" service to the world's most discerning travelers forms the core of our values. Barry's passion for excellence is not just a goal but a standard he imparts to each Aviation Advisor under his mentorship, leveraging his unparalleled expertise in the field of private aviation.

Our company thrives on the energy and aspirations of our clients. Catering to their refined travel requirements shapes our purpose, infusing each day with the thrill of a new journey. While our commitment to safety and quality is paramount, it's our devotion to delivering opulence and comfort in every aircraft that truly sets us apart. In essence, our clients are not just our priority; they are the reason we exist.

A solemn promise to Barry's father keeps our vision soaring high. Upholding his commitment to unmatched value and an ongoing desire to elevate others, enhance our team, and conduct business with integrity, Barry exemplifies the essence of true leadership. He fosters relationships with authenticity, honor, and an unwavering drive to see those around him flourish.

This philosophy is at the root of Lincoln's esteemed reputation as a leading private jet charter and aircraft sales provider. Our continued dynamic growth bears witness to our first-rate operators and services, matched by few in the industry. Our exclusive "White Glove Service Guarantee" accompanies every flight, ensuring a seamless experience inclusive of ground transportation, exquisite catering, luxurious accouterments, hotel booking, and more.
Your dedicated Advisor will oversee your flight from beginning to end, leaving no room for surprises. At Lincoln Private Jets, the concept of leaving a client waiting is foreign to us; we pride ourselves on being accessible and responsive. This approach, this ethos, this unwavering commitment to excellence is why Lincoln continues to fly high above the competition.

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Our values/

These values drive everything we do.

The values behind the work tell the true story about our business and our staff. You must trust your travels to a partner that performs for you. Lincoln Private Jets delivers on its promise of luxury beyond the runway!

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Quality of aircraft and the quality of service go hand-in-hand when ensuring our clients have the most amazing experience of their life.

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Safety is our #1 mission. From the Argus & Wyvern rated aircraft, to the highest quality staff, to the comfort of your passengers, we handle it!

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Our entire staff work tirelessly to ensure every quote and every flight have our full attention. Every team member is ready to help each other.

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Our tech-forward company spirit puts our tools and technology at the forefront of our business. We help clients be more efficient in bookings and offer ways to optimize flights.

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Every good leader has a team backing them up. Our founder dedicates his entire day to training, networking, improving our brand, and ensuring client satisfaction.

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Honesty, integrity, and an open door policy empowers each and every staff member and client to have their voice heard. We encourage fresh ideas and reward ingenuity.

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Our office/

Visit our location.

Located in the lush, scenic West Palm Beach our main headquarters is conveniently located near aviation:
Palm Beach International Airport, The Rotortech Bldg
4095 Southern Blvd - Suite 206
West Palm Beach, Florida 33406

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