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Lincoln Private Jets is building something great.

Lincoln Private Jets' new website will launch shortly our new phone app will launch 45-60 days after.

If you are looking for a private charter flight, shuttle service, or a Jet Card any of our Aviation Advisors will be able to help you by dialing 844. 463.7538 or click here for an immediate quote.

For all other inquires call the number above or enter your email below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you want a job, click here.

Private Black Jet from Lincoln Private Jets
Lincoln Private Jets does not operate aircraft. Lincoln Private jets acts solely as an agent for its members in facilitating private jet charter flights and other membership benefits or Lincoln Private Jets may act as a Broker for individuals and or groups seeking Private Jet On Demand Charter Flights. Lincoln Private Jets does not own or operate any aircraft. Lincoln Private Jets facilitates all charter flights through various U.S. FAA-licensed and DOT-registered direct air carriers who are considered Part 135 carriers or Public Charter Brokers under Regulation 14 Part 380. Lincoln Private Jets acts solely as an agent for Lincoln Private Jets members and guests in arranging these flights on their behalf.