Aircraft Acquisition

Aircraft Acquisition

Owning a private jet is the epitome of luxury and convenience, providing unparalleled comfort and flexibility for travel. At Lincoln Private Jets, we specialize in assisting individuals and businesses in acquiring their own private aircraft. With our expertise and comprehensive services, we ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.

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About the service

Using Lincoln as your exclusive service provider when acquiring a jet saves you more time and money. All of our Lincoln Jet Acquisition Advisors are well versed to discuss the benefits of each type of aircraft. From price, speed, cabin space, to built-in luxurious interiors - our team will engage with you throughout the private aircraft acquisition process which guarantees you the ultimate tailor-made custom experience during your purchase journey.

  • Whole-Aircraft Acquisitions
  • Co-Ownership
  • Fractional Opportunities
  • Aircraft Management Post Purchase

Just Some of Our Acquisition Services Include

The aircraft acquisition process can be daunting even for those who have done it before. Lincoln reduces the hurdles with a combined experience in excess of 80 years in the private aviation space. We have seen all the issues that can arise. Avoid the costly pitfalls from cheats and cons. Rely on a proven partner, equipped to handle a multitude of jet Acquisition Services with your best interests in mind. We raise the bar with unmatched professionalism, integrity, and honesty.

  1. Title & escrow services
  2. Customized aircraft purchase agreements and contract negotiation
  3. Maintenance overview with comprehensive discussions on aircraft engines, airframes, and the avionics systems
  4. Operating budget and financial coordination with your financial professionals (including tax strategy and cash flow management)
  5. Market analysis with future use guidance
  6. Review of aircraft history and condition

Aircraft Acquisition

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